We want to amplify YOUR voice!

WWA would like to gather testimonials to amplify the voices of the WIC community. Testimonials come in all different forms, from a short sentence or a paragraph, to a video or picture with a caption.  We would love to hear your story on how the WIC program has benefited you/your family or what you’ve seen/heard as a WIC provider! Testimonials provided to WWA may be posted on the WWA website, social medial pages, or utilized in other advocacy communication materials. Feel free to submit testimonials with your name and location or  completely anonymous.

If you would like to share your store, click HERE. 

Bring your testimony to life! If you would like to submit a picture or video to go along with your testimonial, please email us at wic.wi.association@gmail.com

Please note: If you are a WIC provider gathering a testimonial from a WIC participant, please ask permission to share their story and follow agency guidelines regarding confidentiality.  


WWA Connection Tool (NEW!)

We know that what you have to say is important, which is why we have created this online tool to help us communicate. Fill out this online form at any time (fill out the form here) with questions, concerns, or topics you would like to bring up for discussion. This will help us to streamline our communication process and be sure we are bringing everyone’s voices to the table at our monthly board meetings. This document is reviewed monthly.

There is an option to remain anonymous, or provide contact information so we may respond to your submission. We will still conduct an annual membership feedback survey, but would like to open up the platform for your ideas and concerns all year round.

Thank you for your active participation!


For all other communication needs:

Contact your WWA Regional Representative or email us at wic.wi.association@gmail.com