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Outreach Committee

Are you looking for a way to communicate more with Wisconsin WIC partners?

The outreach Committee may be the right place for you!


Committee Chair: Lindsay Kohut (Aurora Health Care WIC & WWA Southeast Region Representative)

If you are interested in joining the outreach Committee or you would like to nominate someone to join our team, contact the committee chair, Lindsay Kohut (

Current 2023 members:
Name Email Project/Position
Lindsay Kohut  P33 Aurora Health Care WIC
Kristina Ingrouille P65 Waupaca County WIC
Kim Damrow P72 Bay Area WIC

  • The objective of the outreach committee is to assist Wisconsin WIC Projects in increasing caseload through strengthening current partnerships and exploring new avenues for outreach.
  1. Help to determine the direction of this brand-new committee
  2. Reaching out to current and prospective partners
  3. Further responsibilities TBD as committee develops
2023 Goals
  1. Further define scope and objectives of the outreach committee
  2. Identify and create a list of current partnerships and connections
  3. Identify and create a list of potential new partnerships
  4. Explore networking opportunities for members within Wisconsin WIC
We are currently accepting new committee members to join our Team!

Contact WI WIC Association:

WI WIC Assoc.
PO Box 201
Friesland, WI 53935

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