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NWA Leadership Academy Scholarship

NWA Leadership Academy Scholarship Application (CLOSED)!

-NWA is not hosting the Leadership Academy in 2023-

 Overview of the NWA Leadership Academy:

“The NWA Leadership Academy (NWA LA) Certificate Program is a customized leadership program designed to 1) assist WIC organizations in developing leadership skills and attributes for selected new leaders, and 2) update the skills of current leaders. Additionally, the NWA LA will enable WIC organizations to clarify, communicate, and execute their vision, mission, goals and strategic initiatives. WIC personnel completing the NWA LA will possess the leadership skills and qualities necessary to think and act strategically, demonstrate critical-thinking skills, and manage results-oriented teams.” (from the NWA website)

The NWA LA usually takes place throughout 7 months. It is comprised of 4 courses – each 8 weeks in length (for a total of ~32 weeks). At this time, each course must be taken consecutively in order to receive the certificate. Courses require ~2 hour commitment weekly.

Course 1 – What it Means to be a WIC Leader
Course 2 – Managing the WIC Mission
Course 3 – Results-Oriented WIC Leadership
Course 4 – Mission Critical WIC Initiatives

Scholarship Recipient Requirements:

– Member of WWA and NWA
– Completion of the Scholarship Application 
– Scholarship Recipient agrees to complete all 4 courses of the 16 weeks Academy
– Scholarship Recipient will be required to share their experience with the WWA Board following the NWA LA
** Please note: If the applicant is not a Project Director, please gain approval by your Director to apply and attend***

If there are any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact the WWA Chair.

Contact WI WIC Association:

WI WIC Assoc.
PO Box 201
Friesland, WI 53935

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