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Recent NWA Immigration Updates

Earlier this week, acting director of the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) Ken Cuccinelli announced the final rule on public charge. The final rule expands an immigration law provision that penalizes legal immigrants from accessing certain public benefit programs. Under the final rule, an individual’s use of SNAP, Medicaid, or housing subsidies would weigh against their petition for legal status. These changes will not go into effect until October 15.

While WIC is not included in the final rule, the change to immigration policy will penalize families for lawfully accepting Medicaid assistance or SNAP benefits. Many WIC families will lose access to healthcare services or nutrition support as a result of this policy change, leaving millions of individuals – including many US-citizen children – at risk for negative health and nutrition outcomes.

To assist clinics with counseling concerned participants, please access updated NWA resources here. The updated resources include NWA’s FAQ document on public charge, with translations in Spanish and Chinese. You can also view NWA’s press release about the final rule here.

Here is the link for quick access to NWA’s FAQ about public charge and immigration status in WIC.