Are you looking for a way to provide input on WWA continuing education opportunities?

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge/experience in professional development?

The Professional Development Committee may be the right place for you!


Committee Chair: Kristina Ingrouille (Waupaca County WIC & WWA At Large Representative)

If you are interested in joining the Professional Development Committee or you would like to nominate someone to join our team, contact the committee chair, Kristina Ingrouille (

Current 2022 members:
Name Email Project/Position
Kristina Ingrouille P65/WIC Director – Waupaca County WIC/At large representative & committee chair
Ellen Ellingsworth P32/ Colombia County WIC/At large representative
Shawn Handfelt P71/ Grant Co WIC/ FMR Liaison
Lindsay Kohut P33/Aurora HealthCare WIC/Southeast Region representative

Camen Haessig P51/Wood County WIC/WWA Chair
  • The Professional Development committee is responsible for providing training opportunities to nutrition professionals to ensure a competent workforce in WIC. This committee ensures and advocates for CDR continuing education credits at WWA events, and other statewide WIC events. It provides qualified speakers and represents the mission of WWA during the planning of State conferences. The committee will also provide a session to meet the ethics component mandated by ACAND.
  1. Prepare a report to inform the Association of activities at the Annual Conference Business Meeting.
  2. Schedule and lead meetings and conferences calls as needed.
  3. Chair will plan the work of the Committee or Task Force, including any fundraising opportunities at events.
  4. Request guidance or policy direction from the Board as needed.
  5. At the direction of the Board, report to the Board on the Committee actions.
2022 Goals
  1. Identify state, regional, and local opportunities to train qualified public health and health care nutrition professionals.
  2. Identify state, regional, and local opportunities to train qualified WIC professionals.
  3. Advertise and/or offer ethics credit opportunities annually.
We are currently accepting new committee members to join our Team!