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When you are a member of WWA, your membership fee helps fund the advocacy efforts that promote and support the Wisconsin WIC program and WIC community. Review the other fantastic benefits of a WWA membership below.

2023 Membership Drive is now LIVE!

Please review our WWA Membership letter 2023 and 2023 Membership Form

When you are ready, proceed to the Membership Levels page.

*Please note– All Local Agency are asked to complete the 2023 Membership Form, regardless of payment method.*

We thank you in advance for valuing the WWA membership and funding our Mission.

When you subscribe you will be added to our mailing list. Please watch for an email from MailChimp to authenticate your email address.

Common membership payment scenarios to be mindful of:

No mater when the membership payment is submitted for that year, your membership will begin January 1st and end December 31st of that calendar year. 
    • Example: You pay your 2022 membership in July of 2022, your membership will still end on December 31st, 2022, lasting ~6 months.
    • This is why it is recommended to pay earlier in the calendar year (during the membership drive) so that your Local agency WIC staff are able to reap the benefits of WWA membership for the full membership period.
During the yearly Membership Drive, you are able to pay your membership fee early for the next calendar year, starting in November. 
    • Example: You pay the membership fee in November 2022, using your 2022 funds. Membership is paid for 2022 which starts January 1st, 2022 and ends December 31st, 2022.
    • This allows a Local Agency to determine if funds from 2022 or 2023 will be utilized to pay the membership fee.


Current Regions and Regional Representatives assigned

Current WWA Regional Representative Contacts are as follows: 

Western (yellow): Sarah Nix (

Northern(blue): Suzanne Polacek (

Northeastern (red): Megan Mueller(

Southern (light green): Camen Haessig (

Southeastern  (dark green): Lindsey Kohut (

Have a Voice and Be Heard!

Join our Community!  Become a member of WWA!

The membership year begins January 1st and ends December 31st of the same year.
However, you can apply for membership at any time throughout the year.

Membership Benefits:

  • Member discounts to WWA sponsored educational opportunities.
  • Your local project perspective is included in discussion of WIC issues.
  • You are informed about WIC funding issues, policies and procedures: decisions that directly affect your local project.
  • You are able to identify emerging issues as they relate to the WIC population and WIC service delivery.
  • Membership is a voice in a statewide network.
  • Scholarship opportunity to the annual WIC National Policy Conference in Washington DC (or virtually) and other relevant Conferences to support Advocacy and Continuing Education in Nutrition and Breastfeeding.
  • Professional and leadership growth through WWA committee and Board participation.
  • Promotion of WIC’s mission to policymakers through WWA’s advocacy program.

Membership Categories

Active members consist of WIC staff, employees and contracted or currently enrolled participants/families in the local WIC programs. All active members are entitled to cast one vote in person or by mail, participate in meetings, and hold elected or appointed offices and positions.

      • Agency member: this is our most popular type of membership. When a local agency pays for membership, it encompasses all local WIC staff (employed or contract).
      • Individual member: WIC staff can also pay for an individual membership if their local agency is not interested in the agency membership for the year.

Affiliate members consist of persons interested in the WIC program. These members may participate in meetings and be appointed to committees or special projects. They are entitled to vote and hold elected positions. We encourage former WIC employees and current students to join! Your input is always welcome!

Corporate members may participate in meetings and be appointed to committees or special projects. They are entitled to one vote as a corporation but may not hold elected positions.

Honorary members are persons employed by the state. All honorary members may participate in meetings and be appointed by special committees or projects. They are not entitled to vote or hold elected positions


Not sure if you’re a WWA member?

Follow these simple steps to find out if you are already a member:

  1. If you are a WIC professional in the state of Wisconsin, ask your WIC Director! They may currently obtain a WWA membership that encompasses the entire agency, including all staff, temporary employees, and breastfeeding peers.
  2. If your WIC Director does not know if your agency is already a member, please contact our WWA Chairperson (current Chair contact info is found in the Board of Directors page) and we will be happy to assist you.
  3. If you end up finding out your WIC agency is not within our WWA membership, Tell your WIC Director you would like your agency to obtain WWA membership!

2021 Membership Survey Results


Thank you to everyone who participated in the membership survey for 2021. This survey was conducted to gather membership feedback. the WWA has began reviewing the results and is eager to implement some of the suggestions. If you have any additional questions regarding the membership survey results, please contact the WWA Membership Committee Chair (Suzanne :

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