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Communications Committee

Are you looking for a creative outlet?

Are you interested in furthering your experience with technology or social media?

The communications Committee may be the right place for you!


Committee Chair: Camen Hofer (Wood County WIC & Southern Regional Representative)

If you are interested in joining the Communications Committee or you would like to nominate someone to join our team, contact the committee chair, Camen Hofer (, 715-421-8951).

Current 2023 members:
Name Email Project/Position
Camen Hofer P51/ Wood County WIC
Sarah Nix P22/ Eau Claire County WIC
Angela Ellis P04/ MLK Heritage Health Center WIC
Kristina Ingrouille
P65/ Waupaca County WIC


The Communications Committee is a standing committee that oversees strategic communications to promote the WWA’s mission and purpose. The committee provides guidance and the implementation of the communications functions of the website, social media, and other communication avenues to promote and market WWA actions and WIC news.

  1. Assisting in the continuous development and maintenance of the WWA website
  2. Creating and distributing quarterly newsletters
  3. Promoting current news and events through Facebook
  4. Coordinate any additional communications that may be needed for WIC marketing or action alert purposes
2023 Goals
  1. Meet with additional website designers to discuss website needs and advancement
  2. Update the WWA Website monthly (Especially: up to date job opportunities and other WWA events that need additional guidance and communication to members)
  3. Create and distribute 1-4 newsletters annually
  4. Establish a new logo and color scheme
  5. Maintain presence on WWA Facebook with a minimum of 1 monthly post.
We are currently accepting new committee members to join our Team!

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Friesland, WI 53935

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