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Advocacy Committee

Are you looking for a way to advocate for your WIC families?

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge/experience in advocacy?

The advocacy Committee may be the right place for you!

Advocacy Chair: Sarah Nix (Eau Claire City-County WIC & WWA Western Region Representative)

If you are interested in joining the Advocacy Committee or you would like to nominate someone to join our team, contact the committee chair, Sarah Nix ( 

Current 2022 members:
Name Email Project/Position
Angela Ellis  P04/MLK Heritage Health Center/At large representative 
Sarah Nix P22/ Eau Claire city- county WIC/Committee Chair
Shawn Handfelt P71/ Grant Co WIC/ FMR Liaison
Megan Mueller  P42/Marinette County/Northeast Region representative
Elisabeth Pohle   April Prescott P52/ City of Milwaukee Health Department   P16/La Crosse County WIC/WIC Community Health Aide
  • Advocacy is education and is not lobbying. Advocacy is speaking out on issues or programs or supporting a proposal or cause. In WIC, this means we focus time on education about the benefits of the WIC Program and dispelling myths about the Program. 
  • Advocacy provides the opportunity to lay the foundation for policy change. It includes education the public and policy makers about WIC, highlighting the achievements of WIC clinics in the media, and hosting events that promote, celebrate, or inform about WIC.  
  1. Educate WWA members on how to best advocate for WIC. 
  2. Provide opportunities for WIC staff to advocate. 
  3. Document legislative/advocacy efforts put forth by WWA Board and members. 
  4. Develop and maintain advocacy partnerships with organizations that have a similar mission and focus. 
2022 Goals
  1. Increase WWA members’ confidence and participation in advocacy efforts.
  2. Provide scholarships to 3 Wisconsin WIC Staff to attend the NWA annual policy conference.   
We are currently accepting new committee members to join our Team!

Contact WI WIC Association:

WI WIC Assoc.
PO Box 201
Friesland, WI 53935

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