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Finance Committee

Finance Chair: Ellen Ellingsworth (Columbia County & WWA Treasurer)
Current 2023 members:
Name Email Project/Position
Ellen Ellingsworth Columbia County/WWA Treasurer
Morgan Thums Healthfirst WIC/WWA Co-Treasurer

The Finance Committee’s purpose is to review and providing guidance for WWA’s financial matters to ensure that WWA’s funds are spent appropriately. The Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial controls, reporting’s, contingency planning, and investment policy. The Committee assures internal controls, independent audit, and financial analysis for WWA.

The Finance Committee will review all financial statements and reports on financial activity to the full board, in as clear and concise manner as possible.

The committee will consist of at least 3 members, including the board treasurer, and chair of WWA. The treasurer will be the chair of the finance committee.

  1. Follow and update strategic Plan objective “finance”
  2. Provide direction to the full Board for fiscal responsibility
  3. Oversee the maintenance of WWA assets
  4. Ensure the preparation of annual financial reports and tax forms
  5. Assist other WWA committees as appropriate to achieve strategic goals
  6. Assist treasurer in other duties, as needed
2023 Goals
  1. Review and revise annual budget

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